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A single $50 donation provides a child with a vision exam and glasses to succeed in school.

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KVFL-Jan15-1411The priority objective in each Kids Vision for Life program is to increase access to vision services for low-income students ages 5-12 in public school districts and targeted Title I schools. To serve those most in need of vision services, Kids Vision for Life uses a model of effective collaboration to combine the efforts of professionals and volunteers while, most importantly, increasing access to vision correction services:

  • School districts make available the list of schools with the highest need for vision services and coordinate vision days with school officials
  • Opticians, school nurses and trained Kids Vision for Life staff and volunteers conduct screenings
  • Local licensed optometrists perform eye exams on-site at the schools using portable vision equipment or onboard a mobile vision clinic
  • The Essilor Vision Foundaiton provides support for exam days, order fulfillment and manufacturing of glasses
What We Do
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