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A single $50 donation provides a child with a vision exam and glasses to succeed in school.

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KVFL-Jan15-1440Essilor Vision Foundation staff work with school administration to schedule Kids Vision for Life mobile clinic services, typically requiring two days per school. School staff obtains consent from parents either in a blanket consent form for health services signed at the beginning of school or specifically for Kids Vision for Life services.

Kids Vision for Life mobile clinics provide exam space for two volunteer or contracted optometrists, along with equipment for preparing finished eyeglasses on site.  The clinics travel to elementary schools and provide examinations and vision screenings for children who have not been screened in advance. Children who need glasses select their own frames, and the eyeglasses are manufactured on-site and delivered the day of the exam or within a few weeks.

If a mobile clinic is not used, regional volunteers set up exam lanes at the school and conduct vision screenings and examinations, contracting with local optometrists, using EVF equipment.  If a child requires glasses, EVF will manufacture the glasses based off of the examination form and the glasses are shipped to the child’s school in about four weeks.

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